About Love Minnesota Box


     Love Minnesota Box is a curated seasonal subscription Box founded by myself, Sara Luberts with the goal of helping Minnesota's makers and artists share their creations and passions.

     When you sign up for a Love Minnesota Box subscription, you become a part of something great. Supporting hard working fellow Minnesotans and their families while discovering unique, handcrafted, locally made artisan goods, you are contributing to local economies and communities. There is something special about knowing where each item comes from, knowing it's story, and knowing that someone carefully and expertly crafted it for your enjoyment. 

     Weather you are looking for yourself, or for a gift for a loved one, or both! I truly hope you enjoy discovering Minnesota through our vibrant community of makers and artists. 

- Sara

A little about me

     My whole life I have had the pleasure of calling Minnesota home. I was born and raised on a farm near Pierz where I now reside with my husband and our four children and three dogs. 

     Besides my work with Love Minnesota Box, I am also a professional dog groomer, and my husband and I own and operate a bleacher rental business. 

     In my spare time I love to create, visit the North Shore, relax on my front porch, and enjoy time with my family and my dogs. 

     If you have gotten this far and are still reading this, know that I am ever so grateful that you are here.



Sara Luberts 

Founder & CEO