Past Boxes

                Fall Box - 2020

This season's "Variety" box features a fabulous assortment of Minnesota-crafted goodies hand-picked for your enjoyment.

room freshener, Marlee designs - BIG LAKE

Marlee Designs was founded in 2016 when owner, Tressa Hills, relocated back home to Minnesota with her young family. She was looking for products for her home that were made of natural ingredients and sustainably made, and the store bought products just weren’t cutting it. All of Marlee Designs bath and body products are hand-crafted in small batches in Big Lake, Minnesota. Please visit our website for information on events throughout the state of Minnesota!

Water-resistant pouch, grey duck bags - Ely

When Tara Boerst had her first (and only) child, she was overwhelmed by all of the accoutrements that seemed to follow her around.  Namely, her diaper bag.  How many blasted diapers does a normally-intestined baby really need? And lo, her first bag was born: a slim wristlet big enough for a diaper or two and a few essentials. Every Grey Duck bag is made with water resistant, wipeable laminated cotton because kids are messy. It was her daughter’s childhood that inspired these bags, but there’s room enough for a bit of her own as well. Right there on the label, from the game every kindergartner in northern Minnesota knows, including my daughter: Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.

garden garlic dip mix, sherrilynn's - pierz

Established in 1999 and located in Pierz, each of Sherri Hoheisel's handcrafted gourmet recipe mixes, lotions, candles, scent shots, and melties are created with at least one "Minnesota Grown" ingredient. Sherri is proud of our Minnesota growers and farmers and does everything she can to promote Minnesota and it's valuable resources. You can find products at her Etsy shop, sherrilynnsinpierz. Or at

Wild Rice soup mix, sherrilynn's - pierz

Established in 1999 and located in Pierz, each of Sherri Hoheisel's handcrafted gourmet recipe mixes, lotions, candles, scent shots, and melties are created with at least one "Minnesota Grown" ingredient. Sherri is proud of our Minnesota growers and farmers and does everything she can to promote Minnesota and it's valuable resources. You can find products at her Etsy shop, sherrilynnsinpierz. Or at

s'more bar, wildflower chocolate - nisswa

Chocolatier, Katie Stumvoll creates beautiful and unique chocolates infused with local ingredients and a whole lot of love. She is passionate about a life of stewardship and contributing to the live and eat local movement. She enjoys spending time in nature, and with her husband and children gardening and mountain biking.

Shampoo bar, hibar - st paul

We’ve all seen the depressing headlines.“Oceans predicted to have more plastic than fish by 2050.” And many of us have witnessed the mess first hand. Well, a couple of years ago, four friends and fellow-optimists got talking one night and realized they’d all been working separately on the same project: getting rid of plastic in the bathroom. So we officially banded together to re-engineer how people wash and care for their hair. After a lot of trial and error, working with a team of hair care professionals, HiBAR was born. Solid shampoos and conditioners that skip the need for plastic packaging. No plastic. Just beautiful hair. Huzzah! We’re really proud of HiBAR. It feels and smells lovely, cares for your hair as well as a bottled salon product, and it’s free of chemical nasties. Getting rid of plastic in your shower is one small step in the right direction. We hope you take it with us. Nora, Jay, Ward and Dion.

            Summer Box - 2020

The fabulous locally crafted products in this season's box were chosen to help make your SUMMER a little extra SPECIAL.

Hibiscus Tea, Fah tea - Ramsy

Shared during family dinners and celebrations, hibiscus tea was the drink of choice for Fortuna Alexander's entire family in west Africa. At age 10, after her mother passed away during childbirth, Fortuna became an orphan. This event sparked her dream of one day opening an orphanage for the children of Liberia. A percentage of the proceeds goes toward funding Fortuna's dream. Visit their website to see a list of places their tea can be found.

Bug Spray, Enspired - Windom

Enspired was founded in 2011 by Windom, MN native Hilary Mathis. Mathis, wife and mother of 5, strives to provide a friendly and feel-good experience with every customer interaction, and focuses on the creation of unique, handmade and all-natural products. The Enspired brand features a wide range of products including clothing, home decor, jewelry, handmade soaps, salves, candles, melts, lotions and much more. Their storefront is located on the historic town square in downtown Windom, MN. They can also be found on Facebook for ordering shipped products.

RedWOOD coasters, sticks and stones - royalton

Gary Bedel lives in central Minnesota where he creates art with natural stone and wood. After building and remodeling homes for 25 years, Gary now applies his attention to detail and love of building to crafting high quality items for homes and cabins everywhere. Some of Gary's work includes knobs and pulls, cutting boards and log furniture.

Garlic sunflower oil, smude oil - pierz

Tom and Jenni Smude are the proud owner's of Smude's Sunflower Oil. Their farm is home to 150 acres of sunflowers every year. The family stays busy between farming, their business, and school and family events. On any given day Tom and Jenni can be found at the office in Pierz working hard to help the growing business thrive. Smude's Sunflower Oil is greatful for the farmers and growers who help meet the demand to keep you, our consumer, happy!

Blueberry Cookie, Kakookies - Minneapolis

When Sue Kakuk discovered her daughter and collegiate cycling teammates were stopping at fast-food for donuts and breakfast before their races, she carefully crafted an on-the-go cookie made with whole grains and superfood ingredients that satisfies hunger and sustains energy.  “I wanted to pack the deliciousness and comfort of a cookie with the nutrition of an energy bar into a grab and go snack to help fuel busy and active lifestyles” - Sue Kakuk.   Kakookies is a woman-owned, Minnesota local business.

Prohibition pig rub, Bootleg - Maple grove

Over the years Renee, along with her husband Jody, dabbled in their hobby of creating unique, quality recipes that they enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. As time went by, friends and family continued to ask when they could be "taste testers" again. They joked it felt like they were “bootlegging” food, and the brand “Bootleg” was born. The husband and wife team offer a variety of unique and versitile specialized, handcrafted spices.

            Spring Box - 2020

"SAVE THE BEES," our BEE themed box featuring a fabulous assortment of Minnesota-crafted beeswax and honey products along with beautiful bee art.

Vanilla Bean spreadable honey, Bare Honey - Minneapolis

Former chefs Grace and Dustin Vanasse started Bare Honey in 2009 with just three hives and a dream, exploring the secret life of bees. Now, Bare Honey has grown to produce some of the most innovative honey infusions and spreads on the market, pairing simple spices with pure, raw honey, hand-picked from Midwest nectar sources. Their mission is to bring nature's finest sweetener beyond the drizzle, while actively supporting pollinator research and sustainability.

beeswax wraps, SHōR - Grand rapids

Wanting to use less single-use plastic, Micah and Cassidy Rude started SHōR. Their Beeswax Wraps provide a beautiful, reusable alternative to plastic wrap. The cotton fabric is cut, ironed, waxed, and packaged by hand and can be reused for up to a year. Living on a lake and enjoying all things lake-related, their motto is, "Let’s Keep our Shores Plastic-Free".

Rosemary mint lotion bar, FSR Cosmetics - Detroit Lakes

Our company was started by 14 year old, Frederick (FSR), who decided to start making natural soap because his skin was so irritated by the harsh ingredients in commercial soaps. For the last four years, Frederick’s mother, Tina, a retired dentist, has been expanding their product lines to include natural lotions and soy/coconut wax candles. We pride ourselves on our quality, custom recipes and unique fragrance combinations.


Superior Switchel botanically brews sparkling, certified organic switchel -- a refreshing, ginger and apple cider vinegar beverage from the 17th-century. This classic elixir is perfect for replacing electrolytes, boosting immunity and supporting digestion, and unlike kombucha, it is absolutely caffeine- and alcohol-free. (Although, it does blend quite nicely with spirits!) Superior Switchel is a certified Woman-Owned B-Corp and actively supports U.S. waterway conservation efforts with 1% of their annual sales.

Bee Print, Foxcroft French- 
Elk River

Zanielle Foxcroft moved to Minnesota, from England, two years ago and started drawing and selling prints from her Etsy store. From Insects to custom pet portraits you will find hand drawn prints available and many other products with her signature style. A native South African, who spent years travelling the world, Zanielle has now settled in MN with her hubby and two boys.

that Milk & Honey Candle,The Candle Beesness - New Richland

Natassia Misgen stumbled upon her love of beeswax after wanting to burn a cleaner product in her own home. A lady of many crafts and stay at home mother of two daughters, she was inspired by her friends and family to share her love of the bees. Each candle is hand poured and contains beeswax, coconut oil, a lead free hemp wick, phthalate free fragrance oil and the best intentions.

Granola, Crapola - Ely

Crapola is the infamous brand of high-fiber granola so named by cleverly rearranging the letters of key ingredients (cranberries, apples and granola).  What started as a joke by founders Brian and Andrea Strom has since turned into a serious business, thanks to a winning combination of humorous marketing and artisan-quality granola.  Crapola has been 'Making Even Weird People Regular' since 2007.

Winter Box - 2019

Another WARM & COZY theme sure to get you through the long WINTER. This season's Box features a little bit of practical and a whole lot of FUN!

Hand thrown Mug, 
Crowded house Pottery - Rice

Susan Beyer began her career working with ceramics. In the mid 90's after moving to Minnesota she started taking pottery classes and found that she really enjoyed working with clay. She loves to create and loves using a variety of color and textures in her work. She also enjoys time outdoors and is an avid hiker, having hiked 1,800 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Hot cocoa, The cocoa co. - Edgerton

After a large batch of her Mother's cocoa recipe served up at a local winter festival ended up being a huge hit, Dawn Christians began considering turning it into a business. Thus, The Cocoa Co. was born. Each batch of chocolaty goodness is prepared and packaged by hand with ingredients from local suppliers in their Edgerton, MN factory.

Marshmallows, Wildflower Chocolate - Nisswa 

Chocolatier, Katie Stumvoll creates beautiful and unique chocolates infused with local ingredients and a whole lot of love. She is passionate about a life of stewardship and contributing to the live and eat local movement. She enjoys spending time in nature, and with her husband and children gardening and mountain biking.

Lip Moisturizer, Faithfully Natural - Bowlus

When Smantha Rule isn't busy working as a Health and Wellness Coach, she is busy chasing after her toddler, the inspiration behind her natural bath and body products. Wanting to avoid the chemicals that are often found in conventional products, she decided to try making, and now selling her own creations. Samantha is also currently working as a Herbalism Apprentice, continuing her love of all things natural.

Goat milk Lotion, ole lake farm - Aitkin

Ole Lake Farm is a third generation family farm ran by Kevin and Debbie Flowers. With the goal of sustainability, the couple raises grain, produce, and animals as natural and humanely as possible. Besides goat milk products, the farm has wheat, flour, corn (for cornmeal), rye, straw, eggs, pork, and produce available seasonally. Debbie says her favorite animals on the farm are her goats and chickens.

Forty Below Card GAme, we r Fun Games - Cushing

Ev Johnson of We R FUN Games started her company by creating "LIFE ON THE FARM" from her brother Keith Gohl's idea - a board game about real family farm life.  We R FUN Games mission is to help people "Share Laughter, Share FUN, Share Love.™ "We R FUN's newest game, "FORTY BELOW", is "The World's Coolest Card Game". A woman of many talents, Ev also plays electric drums, and rides and trains horses using natural horsemanship techniques.

Notecards, Rachael Koppendrayer - SAuk centre

A woman of many artistic talents, Rachael Koppendrayer stands out as a color pencil artist. She creates beautiful nature drawings and illustrations of plants and animals, but her most unique work includes drawings of Swedish Dala animals. Rachael also enjoys her time sewing, playing piano, and writing.

Mulling Spices, Golden Fig
Golden Fig founder Laurie Crowell has been crafting a line of must have ingredients for all your cooking, baking and drinking adventures since 1996.   
Much of her inspiration continues to come from her time spent working at The Barefoot Contessa in her early twenties and her current need to get delicious and quick food on the table for her teenage sons while keeping up with her food businesses, regular appearances on Twin Cities Live and her always packed booth at the St. Paul Farmers Market where she has sold her wares for more than twenty years.    
All the Golden Fig products are crafted with simplicity in mind. Good quality ingredients, easy uses and spectacular results. Products are blended to order on a weekly basis ensuring a fresh bottle every time. 
They can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and at
Gourmet PopcorN, Maddy & Maize

At Maddy & Maize, our mission is to give you the most delicious all-natural popcorn

you’ve ever tasted. We strive to create unique and indulgent flavors - no plain popcorn here! Our flavor inspirations come from our founder Brett Striker's favorite food memories –cookouts, birthdays, weddings, and more. Our popcorn brings together a combination of factors we feel is unique: a clean label of real ingredients and nothing artificial, with distinctive, culinary inspired flavors.

We offer small batch gourmet popcorn, proudly made in Minnesota. Maddy & Maize pop-

corn is non-GMO and gluten-free. We do not use artificial flavors or colors. We make our popcorn without high fructose corn syrup. 

They can be found on Facebook and Instagram and at

Maple Syrup, Waletzko Maple farm 

Owned and operated by Mark and Stephanie Waletzko of North Branch, Mark learned to make maple syrup as a child. After dabbling with it as a hobby with his own children, it grew into the business it is today. They currently tap about 6,000 trees each year and this year they brought their maple syrup to the State Fair for the first time, taking first place in Best of Show.

They can be found on Facebook or reached at 651.583.2508

Fall Candle, SherriLynn's

Established in 1999 and located in Pierz, each of Sherri Hoheisel's handcrafted gourmet recipe mixes, lotions, candles, scent shots and melties are created with at least one "Minnesota Grown" ingredient. We are proud of our Minnesota growers and farmers and do everything we can to promote Minnesota and it's valuable resources.

You can find products at or at their Etsy shop, sherrilynnsinpierz

Owl Notecard, Steven Rossi

Originally based in New York City, Steven Rossi has been creating photographs and working as a freelance photographer since 1978. In 2016 he migrated to Minnesota to live and work near to the wildlife he most enjoys photographing. He loves the challenges of capturing any subject in any environment, and he is also involved with teaching photographic techniques. Steven Rossi’s fine art wildlife photographs have recently been featured and published in Martin Lake Journal, Volume 2 (2019). Aside from photography, Steven also engages in creative writing and creating music. Please feel free to join him while on his artistic journey on Instagram: @srossi_photography You can browse Steven Rossi’s work at the following online galleries:  and

Oatmeal Soap, Purple Fern Bath Company

“It’s something we do everyday...wake up and take a shower. I want to take the mundane out of your routine.  This task we do, can elevate your mood, leave you feeling silky and moisturized, energized, it gets you squeaky clean and smelling great, it can feel luxurious and can be a great moment to enjoy “me” time.There are so many choices that are made everyday in just this simple task. What soap or body wash is best for my skin? your skin absorbs it all. Should I use a sugar scrub? Shampoo bar vs. shampoo bottle, Sea sponge (YES!), Essential oil or synthetic fragrance, what’s a bath bomb? The list goes on, and it not only effects your body, but they environment as well. I want you to feel great about EVERYTHING you are using in your tub and on your body. You deserve that moment of bliss, and I would LOVE for Purple Fern to be a part of that.“  Purple Fern opened its doors in 2018 in historic downtown Brainerd.  - Brenda Billman Arndt, owner 

Purple Fern can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and

Northern Lights Pancake Mix, Homestead Mills

Our Mill has quite a history. In 1939 a group of local farmers formed Arrowhead Seed Grower's Co-op, Initially processing rutabagas for the war effort, later adding seed processing and feed manufacturing capacity.

The Mill was purchased in 1982 by Keith and Carol Aho. Homestead Mills started their line of All Natural Whole Grain Products from northern grown grains.Today the mill thrives as customers demand more heart healthy delicious products. Our unique mill gift shop is open 6 days per week and tours are available.... and the coffee is always on! 

They can be found on Facebook and at

Featuring FALL scents and flavors from local Minnesota makers, this season's cozy FALL theme is sure to give you all the WARM feels.